Turn Your Gold & Silver, Antiques, and Collectibles Into Cash!

Lightbox for Videos by VideoLightBox.com v1.10 Gold prices have hit all-time highs as you may have seen in the financial news. This creates a unique and wonderful opportunity. You can turn your old or unwanted jewelry into cash easily by dealing directly with M&M Goldbuying. We offer reliable compensation for those wishing to sell scrap gold, unwanted jewelry, old watches, coins, collectibles, precious metals, and more.

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Satisfied Customers!

Richard R. - Mechanicsburg PA

"M&M gold buying really educated me in the gold buying process which made me very comfortable since I never sold any jewelry before. They also gave me a magnet and explained that gold and silver are not magnetic. I totally trust the M&M gold buyers."

Russell G. - Towson MD

"I see a lot of advertisements for companies buying gold and silver, but decided to do business with M&M due to their warm and friendly employees. I also felt very comfortable knowing that they have an off duty police officer working as security as well as getting a better offer then a company I visited near my home in Maryland."

Tonya Westmoreland – York, PA

"I needed extra cash for the holidays and those guys at M&M paid me in cash as well as gave me an additional $50 for referring a friend. If I ever have any more gold to sell, I will definitely be back"

Eric G. – Arlington VA

"It was really amazing how much more I received from this company compared to the last time I sold my gold in Virginia. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks for making my Christmas!!"

Laura G. – Philadelphia PA

"I am so glad my cousin referred me to this company. I never expected as much as they paid me. They also paid me in cash on the spot. I will be Back."

Tony D. - Bayside NY

"Just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service as well as giving me the best offer. I went to THREE other companies before I decided to sell to you guys. You separated my gold by carat and really educated me on the whole process. IU wishes you much success. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell their gold or silver. They even buy scrap and dental gold."